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Train your Brain to Erase Bad Memories

People can train themselves to forget bad memories, study says
Los Angeles Times, CA  Jul 12, 2007
“You can train yourself to remember something and you can train yourself to forget it,” said University of Colorado graduate student Brendan E. Depue, …”

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Men’s and women’s brain differences affect health

Men’s and women’s brain differences affect health
Dallas Morning News (subscription), TX – Jun 5, 2007
“There are anatomical differences between the male brain and the female brain that cause the two genders to react differently in many situations, …”

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Magnets to make your Brain grow stronger

Magnets to make your Brain grow stronger
“Stimulating the brain in mice with a magnetic coil appears to promote the growth of new neurons in areas associated with learning and memory. …”

If you want safer interventions…you better read Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now.

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A First Glimpse at Healthy Brain and Behavioral Development

A First Glimpse at Healthy Brain and Behavioral Development
Newswise (press release) 
“And while basic cognitive skills steadily improve in middle childhood, they then seem to level off – questioning the idea of a burst of brain development in …”

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Brain’s White Matter More ‘Talkative’ Than Once Thought

Brain’s White Matter More ‘Talkative’ Than Once Thought
Medical News Today, UK 

“Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered to their surprise that nerves in the mammalian brain’s white matter do more than just ferry information between …”

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More soldiers suffering brain injuries

More soldiers suffering brain injuries
Science Daily (press release) 

“The panel says the Defense Department should develop more brain-injury research and improve specialized care for brain injuries, which often go undetected …”

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Study: Hormones May Ward Off Dementia

Study: Hormones May Ward Off Dementia 
BOSTON (AP) – “New research suggests that hormone therapy taken soon after menopause may help protect against the mental decline of dementia, even though it raises that risk in elderly women.” 

“…in recent weeks, mounting evidence has emerged that women who take such drugs closer to menopause may get more benefit or confront less risk than women who start taking them later. An analysis this month indicated the drugs do not raise the risk of heart attack for women ages 50-to-59, and they seem to survive longer with the drug.”

For more information, check Menopause and Brain Fitness – Crisis or Just Change?

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