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  • We have just launched a new website section titled Hot Topics for you to be informed on latest Brain Fitness developments. Topics include Memory, Brain Fitness, Brain Teasers, Mental Exercise, Stress Management, Physical Exercise, Nutrition, News, Products, Events, Students, Science, Resources, and more.

Some good posts:

Nintendo BrainAge, Lumosity, Happy Neuron, MyBrainTrainer…

Posit Science, Nintendo Brain Training, Dakim…WebMD on Brain Fitness.

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Easy Steps to Improve Your Brain Health Now

Check the blog post Improve Your Brain Health

With tips on

  • Physical Exercise
  • Mental Exercise
  • Good Nutrition
  • Stress Management
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    Mind games may keep your brain in shape

    Mind games may keep your brain in shape
    Auburn Journal, CA 
    Web sites like SharpBrains ( and PositScience ( offer online brain fitness programs that promise to boost mental

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    1940s IQ tests helping to reveal how lifestyle affects the brain

    1940s IQ tests helping to reveal how lifestyle affects the brain
    Scotsman, UK –Scientists have also discovered a small group of men known as the “elite old” who have defied the logic of ageing and whose IQ and fitness levels have risen throughout their lives and appear to be still rising. Actor Richard Wilson, who played Victor …”

    More Brain Fitness News, and here.

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    Meditation and the brain

    Meditation ‘fools the brain‘ in a threatening world, NJ
    Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like functional MRI scans, neuroscientists can look inside the brain to see if meditation actually produces physical

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    Can Mental Exercises Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s

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    article on brain exercise

    Article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

    Does brain exercise fight dementia?

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    MindFit and Training the brain

    Clinical study results released on how Memory workouts beat other computer games in study.

    Learn more on MindFit and try 3 Demos.

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    MindAlert Awards 2007

    Fun article. Some quotes:

    • On Friday, the program was honored along with two others — the Florida-based Everyday Memory Clinic and The Intergenerational School in Ohio — by the American Society on Aging and the MetLife Foundation for their creative ways to engage older minds. The joint conference of the ASA and the National Council on Aging is underway in Chicago this week.

    • The MindAlert Awards, now in their seventh year, recognize innovative approaches to helping older adults maintain their cognitive fitness. But in recent years the concept has garnered more acceptance, as growing evidence suggests that exercises aimed at keeping the brain active have an effect on an aging mind’s ability to think and remember.

    • In addition to a $1,500 gift, each winner will become part of the national MetLife MindAlert Trainers’ Bureau, which allows current and previous MindAlert winners to take their community-based programs into other regions around the country, said Dominick Albano, spokesman for the ASA. See the ASA Web site for a list of previous winners.

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