Brain Teasers and Mind Games

As we announced, we have a new website and a new Brain Teasers section over there, so please visit us at

Some examples of recent games and teasers:

– June 2008: Spot the Difference for a frontal/ occipital/ parietal workout -)

– May 2008. Word game: stimulate your temporal lobe.

– April 2008. Your Haiku, Please?: please, a haiku in honor of brain research.

– April 2008. Attention Challenge: more than may meet the eye.

– March 2008. Boost your visuospatial skills: ready for some mental rotations?.

– March 2008. Making Ends Meet: what about a quick teaser?.

– February 2008. Words in your brain: do you know where words are “stored” in your brain?.

– January 2008. Monkeys and Brain Games: is your memory better than a chimp’s?.

– January 2008. Brain Exercises for the Weekend: a few challenges to train attention and working memory.

– December 2007. Fun interactive game: Traveler IQ Challenge. Note that at the bottom of the page you can select a variety of challenges (flags of the world, UNESCO sites, North America…).

Please remember to visit us at!


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