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Brain Games will give adults all the challenge they can handle

Brain Games will give adults all the challenge they can handle.

Baltimore Sun, MD.  Quotes:

  • “…For a much smaller investment you can pick up a copy of the Brain Fitness Program for Individuals ($395 and up) from Posit Science (, or the $139 MindFit Personal Edition brain workout program from SharpBrains ( Both run on standard PCs.”

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Meditation and the brain

Meditation ‘fools the brain‘ in a threatening world, NJ
Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like functional MRI scans, neuroscientists can look inside the brain to see if meditation actually produces physical

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Can Mental Exercises Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s

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DARPA pulls funds for brain software project

DARPA pulls funds for brain software project

“The U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has reportedly decided not to fund the next stage of an ambitious university project to map the human brain, according to a report from the New Jersey Star Ledger.”

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article on brain exercise

Article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Does brain exercise fight dementia?

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Addicted to your Brain?

This is your brain, addicted

“Scans explore role of automated responses for smokers, alcoholics, drug abusers”

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MindFit and Training the brain

Clinical study results released on how Memory workouts beat other computer games in study.

Learn more on MindFit and try 3 Demos.

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