MindFit and Posit Science in the Wall Street Journal’s “Putting Brain Exercises to the Test”

The Wall Street Journal has a great article today, Putting Brain Exercises to the Test, that compares 6 different computer-based brain exercise programs along ease-of-use, fun, and science behind. We at SharpBrains conducted a very similar exercise last year, coming to basically the same conclusions. 

The article compares Nintendo Brain Age, MyBrainBuilder, MyBrainTrainer, HappyNeuron, MindFit and Posit Science, and ends up recommending Posit Science for speech processing and MindFit as including “All the machines-a total workout”. 

Patti Said of the New England Cognitive Center says that “This one (MindFit) was based the most solidly in cognitive science and what we think stimulates the brain.”

The first fundamental difference we see between a) Brain Fitness Programs such as MindFit and Posit Science, on one side, and b) other “stimulating games”, on the other, is the presence of credible assessments and clear, structured set of activities based on that assessment. Given that MindFit costs $139, vs. Posit’s $395, and that it covers much more ground, we decided to offer MindFit in our Brain Fitness Center.

You can learn more about it here: MindFit helps train 14 different cognitive functions that are important for healthy aging.

Healthy aging is not the only domain for Brain Fitness Programs. You can learn about other applications, such as stress management, basketball game-intelligence, and working memory training for people with attention deficits, in our Get Started section.

Finally, you may want to check out the benefits of brain training for different occupations in Are You A …


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