Great brain science blog writing

A few heads up:

– Chris posted a new edition of Encephalon at Mixing Memory.

– We will be hosting the new edition of this neuroscience blog carnival on January 29th. Submissions can be sent to encephalon{dot}host{at}gmail{dot}com.

– Neurophilosopher has posted a couple great posts, one on how Bilingualism may delay onset of dementia (via the Cognitive Reserve theory), the other highlighting some of his best posts for his new readers (congratulations!), with A warm welcome to all my new readers

– Bora announced the release of a great ebook and book at The Science Blogging Anthology – the Great Unveiling!

– And Chris has been writing a series on the PreFrontal Cortex, a bit technical but interesting to read The Anterior Frontier: Prefrontal Cortex



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