MindFit Brain Fitness Program review

Getting ready for the holidays, not the best time to write great original content…so let us share the only review we have found so far on one of the programs we offer, MindFit.

First, a good article titled The dawn of cognitive technology, on the science behind the need for structured computer-based programs, with quotes such as

– “Regeneration of new brain cells: Recent research discovered that contrary to accepted common wisdom, there is regeneration of new brain cells throughout the entire life span of a human being. Stem cells develop in the part of the brain called the hippocampus (an area closely related to memory consolidation), and migrate inside the brain to the area with the highest need for “reinforcement” of function. Once the stem cells reach that area, they mature and learn from the surrounding cells how to perform their function.”

– “Crossword puzzles exercise almost exclusively retrieval from lexicon, and are often repetitious. Different from the above activities that specialize on specific cognitive skills, MindFit systematically trains a wide range of basic cognitive skills needed for daily functioning.”

Then, the MindFit review, which provides a great first-person experience:

– “Actually, one of the things the software excels in is learning the strengths and weaknesses of the user and adapting itself to them. By doing so the software creates a unique training session for each user. This mechanism can quickly adapt itself to people with highly developed cognitive abilities as well as to those who are already feeling some mental degeneration.”

– “When a user first starts to use the software he or she undergoes a three day evaluation process”…” MindFit actually has more than twenty different tasks divided in different ways creating a large variety of training exercises. Each training exercise is built to train a different cognitive aspect (memory, attention span, decision making, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, etc.). ”

– “One word of advice before we continue, MindFit, like any other training method based on repetitive action, is totally dependent upon the will and diligence of the user. If one does not follow the training program he should not expect to see results.”

– “Although it was originally marketed for older people, the software can adapt to the level of the user and be very challenging at times. The software itself is innovative, easy to use, has a very simple and straightforward interface, clear 2D graphics and most important of all, at least in my case, it showed improvement in a variety of tasks after a relatively short period of time.”

For more information on the program, you can visit our MindFit section.

Happy holidays! 


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