New Year’s Resolutions for Brain and Body

We’re full of resolutions for the upcoming new year. But, if you haven’t found one yet and need a little inspiration, here are some ideas to stimulate your commitment to a healthy brain and body this year …

If your goals focus on personal improvement, then The Carnival of Positive Thinking has suggestions for improving your attitude, developing your self-awareness, and setting goals. One article in particular has suggestions to improve your brain health in the new year- taking time to reflect, finding a healthy balance of stimulation and rest, appreciating life, and being inquisitive. Or The Happiness Carnival has great suggestions for yoga, meditation, dancing, and just feeling better. You might be interested in improving your stress management techniques.

If you’re looking for a resolution that is a little less meditative and a little more competitive, then check out The Carnival of Sports. Alvaro’s post discussing the ESPN coverage of IntelliGym will help you figure out how to beat your buddies at basketball in no time! If it’s your golf game, instead of your basketball game, that needs help, then read about emotional management for peak performance. Or if you just need a little incentive to get to the gym, read my post, Two Fee of Free Therapy, on getting out there and doing it.

Or perhaps your goals are more about success. In which case, be sure to read what successful traders and students have in common or the neurological roots of the achievement gap.

So, what are your resolutions for 2007? Let us know!


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