What do successful Traders and Students have in common

What may be the connection between yesterday’s post on Trading’s Mid-Life Crisis: Getting Bigger Vs. Getting Broader, written by a trader and authority in trading psychology, and Time Magazine’s article on How to bring schools into 21st century.

Let’s first read a couple of quotes from the shools article:

-”Many analysts believe that to achieve the right balance between such core knowledge and what educators call “portable skills”—critical thinking, making connections between ideas and knowing how to keep on learning—the U.S. curriculum needs to become more like that of Singapore, Belgium and Sweden, whose students outperform American students on math and science tests. Classes in these countries dwell on key concepts that are taught in depth and in careful sequence, as opposed to a succession of forgettable details so often served in U.S. classrooms. Textbooks and tests support this approach.”

– “Countries from Germany to Singapore Continue Reading


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