Blog Carnivals, Thanksgiving and Mission Accomplishing

Big party today. Carnivals everywhere. 

Caroline and I admit we are quite biased. We see the world through our own lenses. Which, these days, means a lot of passion for the science-based Brain Fitness Revolution. We have been trying hard to combine fun brain teasers with serious posts on how brain research is starting to influence Education, Health and Training, and are thankful that these efforts are starting to pay off-Mission Accomplishing!

The weekend started very well. Kevin from IQ Corner and TickTockBrainTalk had brought great early auspices by introducing a SharpBrains feed box into his blog. A number of trading blogs, including Brett Steenbarger’s and Trader Mike’s, enjoyed our posts on trader performance and biofeedback.

Today has been the full Carnival day. Sandy, with Caroline as virtual co-host of the Encephalon, wrote a full encyclical covering fascinating neuroscience blogs, and included several of our own writings on why we turn down the radio when we get lost while driving, the Technology & Learning article on a program to reduce test anxiety, and a great interview on trading psychology with Brett Steenbarger.

Tara hosted the ADD/ ADHD carnival, where we reported on the growing understanding of the role of executive functions and frontal lobes in attention deficits, as seen in CHADD conference.

Constant learning and growth are important ingredients of healthy aging, so we were happy to add value to Lyman’s Personal Development Carnival.

We all go through difficult phases at times, so we contributed to the Carnival of Healing, hosted by Hueina, commenting on the importance of protecting time for things that are important for our health and long term goals, and sharing suggestions to improve memory.

With Thanksgiving approaching, we could do no less than write something for the Carnival of Family Life – Thanksgiving thoughts and feelings, where we shared with Kelly, Karen and other participants, suggestions to manage the intense and sometimes stressful moments that will come during the week, and extolled the brain virtues of eating vegetables to complement a Turkey-rich diet.

Now, the Brain Teaser of the day: which of all the blogs and Carnivals mentioned above both links to both a post on Power Naps and contains a link that literally says “the shared elements (opsins) in the rhobodermic (invertebrate) and cilliary (vertebrate) eyes point towards a common historical descent and are part of the same phylogenetic tree.”

Answer: see the first comment below.

Enjoy the week. Thanks to all hosts who are helping us get get word out-and from whom we are learning how to write a good blog!

Caroline and Alvaro

PS: bloggers, if you want to link to this post please do so pointing at our new site, Thanks!


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    Encephalon. Hi Sandy!

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