MindFit, IntelliGym, RoboMemo, FreezeFramer

MindFit, IntelliGym, RoboMemo, Freeze-Framer? Is this a puzzle? As you may have noticed, we just started to offer through the website some of the Brain Fitness programs we have been talking about. For over a year we have been searching for best programs worldwide, and here you have some of the programs we have found. We have interviewed in this blog the key scientists behind two of them, and will interview the rest over the next weeks. You will be hearing more about these programs in the general media in the next months, as the field of science-based Brain Fitness and programs like this mature. Here you have a quick overview of these programs:

MindFit Brain Workout

MindFit is a personal trainer for your brain. It takes you through a wide variety of customized, scientifically based exercises to challenge 14 different cognitive functions and skill areas. It assesses your mental skills, trains you, and promotes overall cognitive vitality. Twenty minutes a day, three times a week is all it takes to keep your brain in top shape.

The Basketball IntelliGym™ Cognitive Trainer

The IntelliGym takes basketball training to a whole new level by giving your mind a sophisticated workout to improve core basketball abilities, such as coordination, attention control, peripheral vision, and perception – skills which most people mistakenly consider as instincts rather than trainable cognitive skills. And as the IntelliGym improves your basketball skills, it can also improve your academic skills.

RoboMemo: Cogmed Working Memory Training for ADD/ADHD

Research shows that everyone can improve his or her working memory – but training is especially effective for those with attention deficits. RoboMemo, Cogmed Working Memory Training program, is specifically designed to help children with attention deficits to overcome the working memory gap.

Freeze-Framer® Learning System and Stress Management

The Freeze-Framer is an easy-to-use software program, learning system, and patented Heart Rate Variability monitor. The Freeze-Framer helps you get into The Zone of optimal learning and performance by managing the negative effects of stress and anxiety.




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