Brain Teaser for Reasoning Skills


Marie, Claude, and Jean are in a competition. Here are their results:

  1. The youngest person received the least points.
  2. Claude got half of the points of the eldest.
  3. Jean received as many points as both others combined.

Who is the eldest ?

The Brain Exercise:
This puzzle uses planning and reasoning skills. You read the statements and then must develop a plan to solve the problem using your reasoning skills. These skills are found predominantly in your prefrontal cortex. This area of your brain is responsible for executive functions such as planning, structuring, and evaluating voluntary, goal-directed behavior, i.e., activities requiring the constant comparison of planned acts with the effects achieved.

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  1. joseph benedict said

    this does not make sense..

    If the youngest person has least points
    jean has the sum of equal points of the other two.. (claude has 1/2)
    then, no person could be the youngest and jean would be eldest by common sense.

    honestly who made this??

  2. Caroline said

    The puzzle says that Jean has as many points as the other two people combined, and those points are not equal given that the youngest person has the least amount of points.

    Try it with Jean as the eldest. Say Jean has 10 points, then Claude must have 5 points, leaving Marie with 5 points. Then, there is no least amount of points and therefore, no youngest.

    But what if Jean got the most points, Marie was the eldest, and Claude got half of Marie’s points? Then it works. Say Marie got 10 points, then Claude got 5 points, and Jean got 15 points.

    The eldest did not have to get the most points.

    It’s tricky and tests your automated assumptions!

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