Promising cannabinoid treatments for Alzheimer’s (preliminary results)

Some fun and light reading for the weekend. 

Per an abstract presented at the Society of Neuroscience conference: “Those years of pot smoking a generation ago may have created an unexpected legacy for baby boomers — a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. “…

“What’s more, he said, the mice improved their performance on a standard memory test — the water maze — by about 50%.” …

“The challenge for researchers, he said, is to find a dose of the cannabinoid that has beneficial effects but doesn’t leave patients stoned.”

The article writer is kind enough to add the disclaimer that “Caution that the research was done in rats and the effects have not been demonstrated in humans.”

Continue the reading at SFN: Going to Pot May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

Steve, thanks for the heads up!  


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