Brain exercise: a moment for Reflections, Aha!, insights

braintop Question: what was your most recent Aha! moment? a recent insight? how did it happen?

Why should we spend a minute reflecting on it? In the post on The Neuroscience of Leadership and Brain Fitness, we quote David Rock and Jeffrey M. Schwartz and say that the Quantum Zeno Effect, applied to neuroscience, means that “the mental act of focusing attention stabilizes the associated brain circuits…Over time, paying enough attention to any specific brain connection keeps the relevant circuitry open and dynamically alive…The power is in the focus.”

Credit for pic: AccuWeather


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  1. […] – Reflection, that led him to an Aha! moment : “If you can make so many people so happy with such a small amount of money, why shouldn’t you do more of it”? (quoted in NY Times today). His direct experience, and this Reflection, gave him the motivation to try and literally change the way many poor people live worldwide. It led to the birth of microfinance. […]

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