Cogmed Working Memory Training, RoboMemo, at the Serious Games Summit-discounted registration about to expire!

The discounted registration for the Serious Games Summit in DC, October 30-31st, is about to end. If interested, hurry up!

I will be presenting lessons from Cogmed’s Working Memory Training Program for kids with ADD/ ADHD, developed by the team at Karolinska Institute, led by Dr. Torkel Klingberg, and by Cogmed. The program is called RoboMemo, and is one of the Brain Fitness Programs with more solid research we have found for people with serious concentration difficulties like ADD/ ADHD.

Panel: Teaching Skills or Changing Behaviors

“Speakers: Tom Hunter (CEO, Compass Rose Games), Alvaro Fernandez (Managing Director, SharpBrains, Inc,), Kevin McNulty (Partner, Terris-Hill Productions)
Date/Time: Tuesday (October 31, 2006) 11:00am ā€” 12:00pm

Session Description: Games can teach skills, such as flying a plane or medical triage, and games can help people change behaviors. Both are valuable, but they have very different design implications. This session will look at different ways of teaching skills and causing behavior change. We will focus on medical and corporate games with goals ranging from improving quality of life for people with medical problems to teaching specific job skills.

Idea Takeaway
Some games are more about teaching a specific skill, other games are about changing the way you think, act or behave. At the end of this panel the audience will understand how games are designed to achieve these goals.

Intended Audience
This panel is intended for people who are either designing games, or who are commissioning games and want to understand how games can be designed for skills training or behavior change.”

If any of you is attending the conference, please let me know.


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