Brain Fitness articles: on brain change, being sharp, and plasticity

Today we want to share some of the best articles we have read over the last year in the popular press, categorized by topic so you can quickly identify your interest and find a good read. Enjoy! 

Great articles in the business and general media
Change or Die (Fast Company): a fascinating look into how to change behaviors and the brain
Want a sharp mind for your golden years? Start now (USA Today): one of the first good popular press reports we saw on the Cognitive Reserve and the value of mental stimulation
You’re Wiser Now (AARP): “A new look at the surprising resilience and growth potential of the human brain”

On how new neurons are born and grow in the adult brain:
Salk Scientists Demonstrate For The First Time That Newly Born Brain
  Cells Are Functional In The Adult Brain
(Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
Old Brains, New Tricks (Time): “groundbreaking experiment that neurons are constantly being born, particularly in the learning and memory centers”

On the surprising plasticity and development potential throughout life:
Brain Plasticity, Language Processing and Reading (Society for Neuroscience ): ” the brain never stops changing and adjusting.”
Juggling Juggles the Brain (Neuroscience for kids): “learning to juggle can change brain structure”. Literally
Successful Aging of the Healthy Brain (Conference of the American Society on Aging): fascinating overview of neuroscience findings and implications by Marian Diamond, with emphasis on  the need for Diet, Exercise, Challenge, Newness, and Human Love

On Training the Brain to help people with ADD/ ADHD:
Training the Brain: Cognitive therapy as an alternative to ADHD drugs (Scientific American): great introduction to Brain Fitness Programs, cognitive training and working memory training, introducing Cogmed’s RoboMemo


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