Exercise Brain: Visual brain teaser game

Let’s now exercise our Occipital Lobes (visual interpretation and rotation). (Basic brain anatomy here)


Please pick the piece that’s missing from the diagram on the left. You can find the anwer as a Comment.



  1. Adam said


  2. Delis said

    It’s E

  3. Delis said

    Or C lol

  4. Edward Frimel said

    It’s B

  5. Edward Frimel said

    It is “B”

  6. Keturah said

    The answer is A

  7. lisa said

    none of the above.

  8. lisa said

    spoke too soon. looks like C

  9. Alvaro said

    Good work everyone. Yes, getting the right answer is important…but even more important is to try and get some neurons firing.

    Answer: C

  10. Rachel said

    It’s C….the only one that fits when rotated.

  11. Diane Novak said

    it’s B

  12. Alvaro said

    B doesn’t fit when you rotate it. Please pay attention to the left part of B, which is too large to fit in the right part of the target box, once rotated.

  13. gillesbonneau said

    My awnser is C

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