Brain Fitness, Brain Exercise and “Brain gyms”: why? how?

Brain Fitness and Brain Exercise: what it is, and why it is important

I may be slightly biased, but I clearly see more and more talk and articles about “Brain Fitness”. Which is great news.

We view Brain Fitness as the combination of science-based Brain Fitness Assessments, Brain Fitness Programs, Brain Fitness Coaches, and Brain Fitness Communities, to help us all sharpen our minds and prevent or delay potential problems.

In the 90s, eating well and exercising were shown to be crucial to our well-being and healthy aging. We join physical fitness gyms to work out our bodies, expand cardiovascular capacity and develop good muscles. Trainers teach us that novelty and variety are important and that having some structure helps us achieve our physical fitness goals.

Now, the need for exercising our brains is starting to become understood. We believe that Brain Fitness will grow to one day become as widespread as physical fitness, and “brain gyms” will complement today’s gyms. We aspire to provide useful and fun

Brain Fitness Assessments: to allow every person to identify areas to work on, establish a baseline to analyze performance over time, and measure the effectiveness of “brain gym” workouts
Brain Fitness Programs: to allow everyone to exercise mental areas as needed, both improving strengths and solving bottlenecks that prevent overall progress. Programs may help improve working memory, manage stress, maintain overall brain health, develop sport-specific “game-intelligence”, and others. Examples: Vigorous Mind MindFit, ACE IntelliGym, Cogmed RoboMemo, HeartMath Freeze-Framer
Brain Fitness Coaches: to guide, support and tailor programs for anyone interested in building mental muscles
Brain Fitness Communities: to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for everyone to exercise our brains

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