Brain exercise games: Frontal and Parietal Lobes

Let’s exercise our brains this weekend. Our Frontal Lobes (that deal with planning, among other things), and Parietal Lobes (calculations).

Please try to guess the answers to the questions below (you don’t need to know, or research, the right answer, simply try to “guesstimate” an appropriate range).

– How many shoes have you had in your life?

– In 1999, how were these baby girl names ranked by popularity: Barbara, Amber, Emily, Tracy

– In 1999, how were these baby boy names ranked by popularity: Kevin, Gary, Jose, Hugh

– What is the weight of a large commercial airplane?

Will post the answers by Monday. No, not for the first question!



  1. Adam said

    1. 30 pairs
    2. Barbara, Emily, Amber, Tracy
    3. Kevin, Jose , Gary, Hugh
    4. 4 thousand tons

  2. Elona said

    30 pairs of shoes? Is that a misprint?

  3. Alvaro said

    1) We don’t know how many pairs you have had 🙂

    2) Rankings of baby girl names in 1999:
    Emily #1
    Amber #41
    Barbara: #475
    Tracy #700

    Rankings of baby boy names in 1999:
    Jose #30
    Kevin #32
    Gary #290
    Hugh #830

    3) For a Boeing 747:

    Empty: around 400,000 pounds (lbs), or 181,000 metric tons
    Maximum Takeoff Weight: around 825,000 pounds, or 374,000 metric tons

    The weight of an empty Hummer is 8,600 pounds

  4. Alvaro said

    Elona, well, I guess it depends on Adam’s age, shopping habits…and gender 🙂

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