Neurotech Leaders Forum today

The first day of the 6th Annual Neurotech Leaders Forum took place today. Good group, with content focused on

a) the basic scientific underpinnings of the neurotechnology sector, delivered by Warren Grill, Associate Professor of BioMedical Engineering at Duke University, and

b) market segmentation and trends, by Neurotech Reports’ founder James Cavuoto.

James defines the neurotechnology market as “the application of electronics and engineering to the nervous system”, and categorizes it into 4 segments: neuromodulation, neurorehabilitation, neurosensing and neural prostheses.

How is this relevant to the Brain Fitness Revolution?

For one, both fields share a common problem today: the need for larger public and clinician education, so that there is more understanding on recent research findings and their implications for our lives and health care.

More importantly, James did a good job at defining Brain Fitness Programs as “natural stimulation”, meaning that the intervention to train/ improve one’s neural circuits does not require an invasive treatment. Fitness is not about procedures such as deep brain stimulation. Yet, he added, companies such as Posit Science have designed their products in a way that stimulate the precise parts of the brain that need that stimulation and re-wiring.

SharpBrains is presenting tomorrow.


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