Brain exercise: Frontal and Parietal Lobes

Let’s now exercise our Frontal Lobes (that deal with working attention, among other things), and Parietal Lobes (visual interpretation). (Basic brain anatomy here)

Quick!, count the number of times the number “7” appears below. Then, count the total of both “1”s and “2”s, trying to add the total number of both as you see either (this is, don’t just count all the “1”s, and then the “2”s)

1234467889974674657865876576576 3576573625432657346578436578342 2732188582735827456724687343828 7672878682768723682376783768267 2647648823178346432764876774653 7436574386581483627868653873465

The Answer appears as a Comment below.



  1. Senia said

    sevens are thirtysix of them and ones-twos are twentytwo of them. looking forward to seeing on Friday.

  2. dan said

    counted thirty-five sevens and twenty-one ones/twos…lets see what happens on friday

  3. Rick said

    I agree with senia. There are 36 – 7’s and 22 1-2’s.

  4. Amy said

    I found 36 7’s, 4 1’s, and 18 2’s.

  5. Erik said

    36 7’s and 23 1’s & 2’s…

  6. Victoria said

    1’s & 2’s=23

  7. Bre said

    I found 36 7’s and 23 1’s & 2’s.

  8. Carl said

    27 “7’s”
    4 “1s”
    17 “2s”

  9. Alvaro said

    Well, first, congratulations to everyone who has tried, since this type of exercise has been used by the military to improve attention.

    There are
    – 36 7s
    – 23 1s and 2s combined (4 1s, 19 2s)

    If you want more practice, there are a few other digits out there 🙂

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