Brain exercise: exercising our Frontal and Parietal lobes

Earlier today we had a fun Exercising our Brains class. We covered much research ground, and exercised our Frontal Lobes (that deal with planning, among other things), and Parietal Lobes (calculations).

Now it is your turn: please try to guess the answers to the questions below (you don’t need to know, or research, the right answer, simply try to “guesstimate” an appropriate range).

1) How many times heavier than a mouse is an elephant?

2) How many firefighters are there in San Francisco?

3) How many trees are there in NYC’s Central Park?

The Answer appears as a Comment below.



  1. Tim said


    1) 10,000 times (1 ton versus 100 grams)

    2) 800 firefighters (80 stations x 10 in each)

    3) 5,000 trees

  2. tiki said

    1. 8000

    2. 650

    3. 1500

  3. Alvaro said

    Again, the key here is to try, plan the steps towards the solution, and do the mental calculations.That’s the brain exercise.


    1. Around 150,000. Elephant: 4,000 kg on average; mouse is 25 grams.

    2. Around 350 firefighters on duty on any given day, out of a pool of 1700 firefighting and emergency medical field personnel

    3. “There are over 26,000 trees of approximately 175 species in the Park.” More information at

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