Brain exercise: draw the face of a penny, please

How many pennies have you seen in your life?

Can you recognize the face of a penny, with all its elements, now?


You will probably find the answer in your pockets, not in your mind.

Comment: in reality, does anyone need to know exactly what the face of a penny looks like? We can probably survive without knowing it. Our attention and memory are selective.



  1. Senia said

    I think it’s i or a. I’ll go with a.

  2. […] My favorite section of the sharpbrains blog is the brain exercises section. This section, which is updated with a new brain puzzles every few days, has you shuffle around different parts of your brain – sometime doing estimates and calculations, sometimes interesting word exercises, and my favorite is that Alvaro puts up many visual puzzles, such as the penny question, the Stroop test, and the classic old-lady/young-lady (see the post for an explanation of the below image): […]

  3. Victoria said

    Answer: g

  4. Ashley said


  5. Alvaro said

    Answer: a

    See pic at

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