Brain exercise: Better than coffee

Young-old Quick! say aloud what color you see in every word, NOT the word you read.The Stroop test is used in neuropsychological evaluations to measure mental vitality and flexibility, since performing well requires strong inhibition capability.

Enjoy the day.

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  1. Maria said

    This is tricky–and fun! Thanks for the mental calisthenics!

  2. Beate said

    Ha! I really slowed down when the color and word no longer coincided. Association is a strong predicter of response!

  3. Victoria said

    Answer: Brown

  4. […] The authors also believe that “change is pain”. If you need proof, please try this quick brain teaser. […]

  5. Alvaro said

    Happy that you enjoyed it!

  6. Aaron said

    The trick of these is dissociating from the text itself. A slight relaxation of the pupils and the text becomes blurred allowing one to focus only on the color.

  7. Alvaro said

    Aaron: great trick. You can certainly do that. Alternatively, you can train your brain to inhibit your natural response and instead develop a new response pattern.

  8. […] In this theory, the behavioral symptoms that are currently used to diagnose ADHD – including inattention – reflect these underlying executive functioning deficits. There certainly is substantial evidence that individuals with ADHD perform poorer than others – as a group – on a number of executive functioning tasks that require planning, organizational skills, inhibiting responses (as assessed through tasks such as the Stroop test), decision making, working memory and other Frontal lobes executive functions. His theory is generating significant amounts of research and it is likely that our conceptualization of ADHD will continue to evolve in response to new findings. […]

  9. Helen said

    Blue. The color of the background can be seen “within” the letters of each word… Anyway, that was my guess.

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